Powersense Technologies  {K} Ltd

Providers and suppliers of uninterrupted power supply's,Power inverters AC/DC,Automatic Voltage regulators
and alternative power solutions,installation and after-sales service.
Authorized resellers of Gamatronic UPS and Ashley Edison automatic voltage stabilizers.



This are high perfomance tyres built for the next-generation, DOT competition tire.

with optimized casing and tread design to maximize dry performance without losing wet traction,

and to keep you fully under control in extreme driving situations.













Against a background of increasing awareness of environmental issues and continuously rising oil prices, economy and ecology have now become key issues to a wide range of people.
In this context, the Toyo 350 has been launched. The Toyo 350 provides low fuel consumption and long life.
Further environment benefits are realized by certified low noise level. The Toyo 350 balances a range of competing performances by applying TOYO TIRES' latest technology


Commercial Automotive maintenance equipment

Our company provides and supply machine tools, automotive maintenance equipment and tools, including HY-58 labor saving wrenches which can assemble and disassemble tires of heavy trucks, HY-68 labor saving wrenches/sockets, HY-16 labor saving wrenches for small-sized vehicles, HY-1-inch pneumatic wrenches, HY-1/2 pneumatic wrenches, HY-2T electric jacks, electronic CNC lathes, CK-630 and CK-632 type machines


How a labour saving wretch works